7th Annual Warrior Competition Event, 2015

7th Annual Warrior Competition Event, 2015

The 2015 Annual Warrior Competition will build upon the events of previous years.

There will be a total of ten events that will test the skills, fitness, and cohesion of each special operations team. Events will remain confidential until teams are given a tactical FRAGO within 24-hours of each event. Sign-up for the 7th Annual Warrior Competition as a competitor or sponsor. Or follow us on social media.

Country: Russia

Unit: Counter Terrorism - Team 1

The 7th annual Warrior Competition have concluded, this event had 37 teams representing 18 nations from around the globe.

First place: Russia, Counter Terrorism - Team 1.
Second Place: China, Assault Hawk Commando Unit of the PAPF.
Third Place: Jordan, Royal Guards.

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