9th Annual Warrior Competition Event, 2017

9th Annual Warrior Competition Event, 2017

Jordan Armed Forces/Arab Army will host the 9th Annual Warrior Competition 2017 at the King Abdullah II Special Operation Training Center (KASOTC).
The competition will be held on Apr 30 – May 04,  2017, with the participation of the world's elite military, special operations, counter terrorism and law enforcement forces.
Around 27 teams representing a number of Arab and foreign countries will compete to be the best warrior of 2017. The competition is designed to demonstrate the competencies, skills, adaptability, endurance, teamwork, tactics and communications of warriors on the battlefield.
The five day contest will take place at KASOTC, which is a large center that houses the most sophisticated live fire, counter terrorism and special forces training facilities.


The 9th Annual Warrior Competition have concluded, this event had 31 teams representing 17 nations from around the globe.

First place: China – Sky Sword Unit of the PAP

Second place: Lebanon – Black Panthers -Team (2)

Third place: China – Falcon Commando Unit of the PAP

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